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Dear far-far-away girl,

Now you are back in your home. In your world. And in my thoughts from which I tried to separate you for the last hours. But you can see: This wasn’t easy and finally I wasn’t successful, so I started this blog… Certainly, I will call you. Will be en route within the next two days but afterwards I will start an effort. Until then I will write you something more. This way or even per e-mail if you will name me your address.

I heard this suspicious and beloved soft ironic smile in your text this morning (here it was morning)… asking me back if I were sure and prepared..! Hope you can always see my smile in my words even. I like to provoke and to fight with each other: That’s why I wrote to you we have to see who got the better arguments to come first to Malaysia or Europe…  I like ironic statements; I am not always as serious as it sounds… Feel invited to find out who I am. And know how much I like to learn more about you and your world.


31.7.09 11:48

Strangers in the night

Yes, of course, there exist thousand reasons not to communicate any more and even to meet never again. To forget you. Sure, it would have been easier to spend time with each other in Munich. To get a small impression of whom we are. But what, if there is only one reasonable argument not to stay in silence?

What about writing me an initial sms?

How about your gentle ironic accentuation of “stranger” in your sms?

Exactly this “sound” of your voice gives you the special attraction in my perception.

And I remember the special form of your lips…

Ok, I will accept your refutations. If I get a chance to read or hear them!

31.7.09 02:14

Fly fly away

Resignation is not part of my attributes.

I prefer fighting for something I believe in. I like the challenge. Which means: When you are living in Malaysia, I will come to Malaysia to find out who you are. To show you who I am.


30.7.09 23:43


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