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Dear far-far-away girl,

Now you are back in your home. In your world. And in my thoughts from which I tried to separate you for the last hours. But you can see: This wasn’t easy and finally I wasn’t successful, so I started this blog… Certainly, I will call you. Will be en route within the next two days but afterwards I will start an effort. Until then I will write you something more. This way or even per e-mail if you will name me your address.

I heard this suspicious and beloved soft ironic smile in your text this morning (here it was morning)… asking me back if I were sure and prepared..! Hope you can always see my smile in my words even. I like to provoke and to fight with each other: That’s why I wrote to you we have to see who got the better arguments to come first to Malaysia or Europe…  I like ironic statements; I am not always as serious as it sounds… Feel invited to find out who I am. And know how much I like to learn more about you and your world.


31.7.09 11:48

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